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Below you find the best and most reliable solutions for your gate repair and maintenance needs.

Gate repair

Gates like all other structures need to be taken care of.  In most gates, the hinges are the ones that need repair since they become rusty. A tip that comes in handy is that these hinges just need some oiling.  Make sure that the surface rust is scraped off by sandpaper or steel brush. Oiling will prolong the service life of hinges.

Gate safety

There are as many gate repair tips as there are safety tips when working on the gate system. One of the safety tips is to make sure that all powers are turned when maintenance service is being done on the controls and devices used in the gate. This will prevent accidents and electrocution. Also when testing all mechanisms, make sure that you are standing away from the gate.

Simple gate repair

Due to wear and tear, the hinges of your steel gate may have rust and these would give out a creaking sound. What the hinges need is good lubrication. It would be advisable to take the hinges out so as to allow the lubricant to get into the inside of the hinges. This maintenance tip is easy to do and does not necessarily require service.

Why sliding gate rollers cause problems?

These days, you can find a wide collection of different gate clickers and thus, you can choose the one which will fit you the most according to your needs. A multicode remote would serve you if you have multiple openers, but apart from the garage door and residential gate openers, the newest models can also control the alarm system of your car, the sun roof or the central electronic vehicle system. They usually have about four channels so make sure to choose wisely to enjoy its advantages fully.

Buy genuine parts

For simple gate repairs and part replacements, such as loose bolts or screws, always buy genuine parts made from the same material as your gate. According to our specialists, compatibility of parts is an important factor that contributes to the overall usefulness. Second class replacements do not work as well as genuine parts.

If your gate starts to sag call a professional

If your gate is starting to sag, it will become difficult to operate and eventually stop working completely. It is best to take care of it professionally, and as soon as possible.

Choose a pool gate which is safe and secure

It must be self-closing and safe-latching to provide the highest level of protection. Additionally, small children should not be able to reach and manipulate the locking mechanism. This mechanism should be strong and resistant to damage. Make sure that the gate opens outwards away from the pool.

Inspect swing gate hinges for wearing and damage

If you have a large gate, you should look closely at the joints and bearings to assess their condition. In case you have a smaller unit with pin hinges, you need to look at the cylindrical hole holding the pin. If it is oval rather than round, it means it's already worn and you will need new hinges. Take a closer look at the welding too. If it is crumbling, repair is necessary as soon as possible.

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