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3 Crucial Questions about Gate Installation

11/20/2013 Back To Blog

Although modern technologies are rather complex, there are simple rules to follow in order to avoid common mistakes about residential gate installation. Most consumers wonder about the best materials and openers but you need to remember that each house has its own characteristics and, thus, your neighbor's beautiful ornamental iron gates may not fit the profile of your own property. Don't forget that the prime purpose for their installation is your security and, hence, it is important to consider the needs of your own home.

Answers to 3 basic gate questions

1. Which gates are the safest?

  • Safety is achieved by the combination of the selection of good quality components and great gate repair. All parts must be in good condition and installed properly in order to work properly and achieve perfect movement of the gate. It is also essential to choose a powerful opener with good safety sensors for a strong mechanism, which will move with safety and will protect you from accidents.
  • The safety of gates is also the result of the overall stability of the system. That's why installation processes must be precise and the swing gate hinges must be of the right size and resistant.

2. How important is the right choice of material?

The truth is that all gates are very heavy and, therefore, your choice would depend on your aesthetics and weather conditions of your location since elements affect the material to a great extent. As an overall, a steel gate will be more resistant that wood panels, especially if you get galvanized ones. Your choice should also depend on the needs for maintenance service. Wood is highly processed and far more resistant today but will still need more frequent inspections and painting for the avoidance of warping.

3. Which access entry system is best?

All gate remote devices are excellent today and once more you will need to choose in accordance to your personal lifestyle and requirements. For example, you could get a multicode remote for the operation of multiple openers as well as your car alarm system but keypads are also practical since you will only have to remember your code and choose to program as many codes as you want for friends and relatives, too.

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