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Frequently asked questions on gate repair and door maintenance get answered here by experts. Do you know if you have the right gate parts installed? Learn why noises can be alarming and what to do when gates become problematic.

What can be done with defective gates?

All gates need maintenance. Like in the case of its rollers and hinges, you just have to scrape off the rust and put oil or anti rust. In its worst condition replacement for hinges and rollers are necessary. When power supply is not enough this also affects the performance of your gates. Always check on the power supply, wirings and connections to ensure proper functioning of your gates.

How do I know if the rollers of my sliding gates are just right for my gate?

Gate rollers should be just right for the weight of the gate itself. If these rollers are small and light, they cannot withstand the total weight of the sliding gate. This will cause the sliding gate to be defective and post danger to anyone. The rollers should support the weight of the sliding gate to facilitate movement and gliding will come easy.

Should noises alarm me?

Some gate systems and residential gate openers are a bit noisy by nature. Though, if you notice weird noises out of the ordinary, the experts of our company in Studio City would recommend reporting them. There might be a serious problem with some of the component parts.

Why should I give up the clicker for a keypad?

Gate clickers are excellent since they work with rolling codes but so are keypads, too. Keypads will allow you to open the gate by entering a password. They're more high-tech, the codes change easily and you can also have temporary ones for visitors.

What are the different types of mechanical gates and how do they work?

Mechanical gates function using high voltage from a power source. In case of a power failure they operate using batteries or even solar panels. Swing and sliding gates are commonly used in addition to barrier arms. Our technicians can help install any type of gate.

Why should you consider getting an automatic gate opener?

There are many reasons why an automatic gate opener is worth the investment. One of these reasons is convenience. It is always better being able to enter or leave your house without having to get off the car just to open or close the gate. You will appreciate this advantage even more during inclement weather conditions.

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